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Jewbana's Juicy Fruit Portal opening at the Miami Art League in Miami Shores

 Get over yourself


Susie Hosted a SURF retreat with Drs. Nurses and other Creatives in the Florida Keys after the Covid Lock Down


Miami Sheroes is a group of Miamians  who unite the community to celebrate the HEART of Miami. Their efforts were supported by  20 businesses were brought together to commit Random Acts of Kindness.


Miami's Power Bitches take on Sex Trafficking in a funny way
. A full-on theatrical experience created by Susie that used comedic improv, taught by Jeff Quintana,  to help heal Trauma.  By lovingly surrounding each other with laughter the experience proved  healing and transformative

Adopt a Classroom 
ten year anniversary event
Miami's Got Class 

Keegan Michael Key
The Pole-ite Girls

an  an award wining actor in Miami. -podcast-blog- actor -wellness-SURF-Getting out of character- healing -Creative Wellness - Edinburgh Fringe- Shark Tank- bibbitec- Actor _comedy -perfromance Artist -

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